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You knew this guy had something more than the average rom-com lead. Ebiri: Does anybody anywhere in the real world actually talk like Kevin Smith characters do?I don’t know, and I don’t care — I still like listening to them, with all their piggishness and knuckleheaded confidence in the way the world works.Access to this page is granted solely on the basis of accepting the right of Mil to turn up at your house at any time and stay for as long as he likes.This agreement takes precedence over any local, national or international laws which might otherwise apply in your area of residence - and it was drawn up by Disney's lawyers, so don't embarrass yourself by trying to appeal, eh?His Achilles’ Heel is a fair young man (Ewan Mc Gregor) he meets in prison with the name Phillip Morris. the list goes on and on and on of criminally underused comediennes.Garner is glorious in this unexpectedly rich and moving body-swap comedy (directed by Gary Winick from a script by the husband-wife team of team Josh Goldsmith and Cathy Yuspa), in which an embarrassed 13-year-old, Jenna Rink, wishes she could be 30, and wakes up with a fab apartment, wardrobe, and job.You’re not supposed to feel this heartbroken during a movie like this!And you’re not even supposed to care that it’s a Shakespeare adaptation (they’ve only borrowed the loose details of the plot, none of the language or even the characterization), but these two incredible actors manage to bring it back home. Edelstein: Back then, watching Heath Ledger clown in the high school stands was magic. Maybe that’s a good message for Valentine’s Day: Love someone while you can.

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And what an actress: As Garner’s Jenna slowly realizes how she has compromised her adolescent ideals, your heart aches for her. But somehow this evolves into one of the most endearing of all recent Valentine's Day romantic comedies.

It’s hilarious, but also very dark — not what would ordinarily come to mind when we say “romantic comedy,” but it totally is one.

In essence, it takes the philosophical premise at the heart of so many rom-coms — people who are truly in love will overcome any obstacle in order to be together — and takes it to almost- absurdist extremes.

As Bilge suggests, the relationship between Affleck and Lee distends the movie in a good way.

The geometry is meant to be confusing, the way it is in life — and in this case the same-sex attractions lift it into another sphere.

Edelstein: This movie was undersung, so I’m glad we’re singing it.

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